The year of The Clasicos

The clasico is the most watch football game of the year, and regularly there will be 2 a year, sometimes 3 or 4 but never in history has there been 5 in the same year. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona is the most fascinating game to watch no matter in which stage of the competition. The rivalry between both is not comparable with any other rivalry in the world. They have different thoughts, different ways of dealing with the team, different styles of play, different history but the rivalry has always been the same.

This year both squad had the best players in the world, before the start of the campaign they were categorized as the best teams before they even star playing. Which one was best was the question at the start of the competition. Both of them made a incredible campaign and because of that they not only play there 2 regular league games but they play the final of Copa Del Rey and semifinals of the Champions League.

The first game was a massive win of 5-0 of Barcelona which made clear that Real Madrid was not on the same level as the blaugranas. Second game was tied at Madrid which gave away the League to Barcelona. After a dominance of Barcelona in the first two games Madrid took the third with a win in over time in the final of Copa Del Rey. Real Madrid showed that they were as good as them and that they still had the chance to win the Champions League.

A lot was said before the last two games of Champions League, people said that Barcelona were favorite by the referee or that they were in doping but none of them true. At the end Barcelona took the two last games and winning the Champions League and writing their name in history. This might have been the best team in the world and Real Madrid cant be blame by losing to them. At the end it was a great year for football since fans had the chance to watch 5 clasicos.




European VS SouthAmerican Foootball

This has been the debate for decades. Which football is better or more competitive. The European or SouthAmerican? Who can say which one is better or worse? One has more money while the other has more passion. One has the “best competition of the world” and the other “the most competitive”.

Most of the football experts say that Europe has the best leagues and the best player but the majority of these are from Europe so its not a very objective opinion. The SouthAmericans expert say that the most competitive and most beautiful football is play on America. Europe says that they have the best players in the world but most of these players are Americans and they are bought from SouthAmerica. The best player of the world for the last 2 years is Lionel Messi and he plays in Europe but he is Argentinean. ┬áSouthAmerican clubs don’t have the same budget as European ones, the players are seduced by the money and by a better life in Europe so the best ones end up leaving the continent. Also the European football is more commercialized around the world which makes it more famous and the players want to go there since its more known worldwide compared to the American leagues.

The most watch club competition in the world is the Champions League of Europe and its supposed to be the most prestigious also. The match in America is called the Copa Libertadores which is the same format as the Champions League. The Champions is supposed to be the best in the world but the last 8 teams are usually the same and you have the same winners also, once in a while there is unusual team that will win but it doesn’t happen often. In the other hand we have la Libertadores which so competitive that the winning team is always different and from different nations. The Champions have more than 30 countries going in the competition but is usually 4 leagues that dominate it while la Libertadores is 11 countries and there is no big dominator, the roles always change.

In World Cup competitions Europe wins by 10 titles to 9 to SouthAmerica. In the end there is no way to know which one is better, Europe is tougher and more commercialized while SouthAmerica is a more enjoying game but least commercialized.




Football is the game of the world. It brings people together, no matter their nationality, religion, culture, ideology, etc. When your in a field everyone is your friend, everything else just stays outside the pitch. Maybe there is people who you don’t know or you have a bad feeling of them before you play with them. Once you play with them and see that you connect with them or you enjoy playing with him them things change. Football can change the image of anyone easily. Strangers become acquaintance, acquaintance become friends and friends become good friends thanks to football.

As my favorite commentator says football is ” el deporte mas hermoso del mundo” or the prettiest sport in the world. When you play you feel free, you get the chance to do amazing things, you are yourself. Its an emotional feeling when you play. When you do a great play or goal you feel amazing and happy but when you miss a goal you feel devastated. You can go from heaven to hell in seconds and vice versa. Your teammates by the end of the game will either love or hate you. There will always be a hero and an enemy. But no matter how it ends the most important part of it is to have fun. Football is game at the end and you play for fun either if its in a competitive scenario or in a friendly one, at the end is just a game.

And as the prettiest game in the world I hope you always play for the fun of it.